Fine Australian walnuts

from The Walnut Grove

Welcome to The Walnut Grove

Fine Australian walnuts from The Walnut Grove

Welcome to our our beautiful orchard, set in the cool upland air of the NSW Central Tablelands near Bathurst, where we grow premium walnuts. As a family partnership, we aim to farm sustainably to bring you fresh nuts free of harmful chemicals. We believe this is one reason for the warm flavour of our walnuts.

Walnuts are considered to be full of many goodies you need to maintain good health.

We became interested in growing walnuts after one of us (Ross) led a clinical trial examining the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on the management of patients with pancreatic cancer. Walnuts are a good source of these fatty acids, and they are thought to deliver health benefits to people who eat a handful of walnuts most days of the week as part of a healthy, varied diet. We wanted to grow a nutritious food with a promising future because we knew of the increasing amount of research showing the benefits of walnuts. When saw the farm advertised for sale, we jumped in and bought it.

Our orchard has 1,100 trees planted in 2002. Most are the traditional French variety Franquette, which flowers in October, to avoid damage from late frosts. We also grow the popular Chandler variety, and Treyve Mayette as pollinising trees.