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Walnut oil 100ml

Walnut oil 100ml

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Walnut oil is golden in colour and is delicious on salads, and as a dipping oil with bread and dukkah, a Middle Eastern spicy nut mixture. It is also lovely on hot potatoes, other cooked vegetables and pasta, in place of butter or olive oil. 



The Walnut Grove walnut oil is our first release, pressed from kernels grown at our orchard near O’Connell, south of Bathurst. The oil press in Ovens, Victoria, uses a 300-year old traditional European method. Kernels are gently warmed to develop a rich nutty flavour before pressing. The oil comes from the first pressing (extra virgin) and contains no additives. The solid material left after pressing is rich in protein and fibre and has been milled to make our nutritious and flavoursome walnut flour which can be used in place of some of the wheat flour in biscuits, cakes, pancakes and shortcrust pastry.


Walnut oil is cholesterol-free and is rich in polyunsaturated (~63%) and mono-unsaturated (~23%) fatty acids, with very little saturated (~9%) oil content. It is not suitable for frying or heating. 


The delicate warm flavour of walnut oil makes it superb in a salad dressing with raspberry vinegar or balsamic vinegar. Try this drizzled on a rocket and pear salad.


This versatile oil has also long been used to nourish dry skin and fine timber furniture.


If you store your walnut oil in a cool place like the fridge, especially once the bottle has been opened, it should keep well for many months.