31 May 2020

Our harvest is over and all our walnuts sold. We do still have a good supply of our walnut oil.

The farm is now green and rain is replenishing the soil moisture while the walnut trees are dormant over winter.

We're looking forward to harvesting green walnuts next December.

10 April 2020

We have just finished harvesting by hand our 2020 walnut crop. It was a very small yield because of the extreme drought in winter, spring and summer, but we are confident that the quality will be high. 

A limited supply of these new walnuts will be available from about 20th April 2020. See Buy online.

Undried ('fresh') walnuts in their green husks for pickling, wine and sweets will be available for a short time only in December 2020. For our prices, go to Buy online

or ring Sally on 0418 664 672 or email contact@thewalnutgrove.com.au to place an order.